Features of the best air coolers in India

All major electronic and electrical device manufacturers make the room coolers and the desert cooler. The Indian market is flooded today with a good mix of international and local brands of air cooler manufacturers.

The features of the best air coolers in India are as follows:

  1. Body made of galvanized steel, ABS plastic or any other type of plastic material that is resistant to varying outdoor weather conditions.
  2. Cooling pads belong to the wood wool, aspen or honeycomb material making the pads odor-free and more durable. The aspen and the honeycomb materials are made from natural fibers and hence good for health. Pad thickness of 90 mm is considered ideal as it will absorb more water and make the cooling process more efficient.
  3. An air cooler is driven by electricity majorly. But there are coolers available in the market that run because of solar energy too – this is good and viable options because they help save electrical energy. Also, the best models will be compatible with inverters and will operate even when there is a power cut in the area.
  4. Presence of a water level indicator.
  5. A fan with 6 blades is ideal. The fan speed will be controlled by a 3-speed controller.
  6. The vent has swung on and off the controller.
  7. Presence of a separate ice chamber that helps the water cool faster. As a result, the cooler chills the air in its vicinity better and faster.
  8. While buying an air cooler one of the first things to check is the CFM which stands for cubic feet per minute. It is a unit that measures air flow in the room. The finest air cooler will have higher CFM means there is stronger airflow that is the fan is pushing in the higher volume of air into the room.
  9. Proper handle and caster wheels that make the air cooler
  10. Some of the best air coolers will have a humidity control feature which is good for cities with higher levels of humidity. Remember to operate the air cooler without water only if the humidity levels are quite high. The fan will pull in the moisture-laden air from outside and circulate inside to provide relief from the heat.
  11. Remote control facility.
  12. The additional feature of automatic shut-off so that the machine uses electric power more efficiently.

Choose a desert cooler if a larger area has to be cooled. In case it’s a small area or a room of size 100 square feet or less it is sensible to buy the room coolers. The best coolers are available in varying tank sizes; hence choose the water tank capacity accordingly depending on the size of the room or the space that has to be cooled. One point to be noted here is that larger the cooler size or the water tank size, the more wattage the air cooler will consume for running smoothly. The cooler price is directly proportional to the size of the cooler that depends on the water tank height and the electric power that the machine consumes.

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